Posted on: October 11, 2009 5:53 pm

Kerry Collins

Just my opinion but i'm kind of tired of people saying "what is Kerry still doing in." Everyone is talking about how bad he is doing, but the first three games of the year he did amazing even though they lost, i will admit he had an off week against the Jag's, but this guy led us to the best record in the NFL last year, and we start losing games and it all goes straight to him. Maybe if we had a defensive line that didn't give the QB all day they wouldn't be so bad, or how about a clean kick and punt return, it's hard to do bad when the returner can't even catch and hold on to the ball to have an offensive possesion so i don't understand why he's getting all the crap for the whole teams miscues. When you don't take the field till your down by 2 possesions it puts a lot of pressure on you. So let's turn it around and cheer on our STARTING QB on for the first upset, win over the Colts tonight. Let's go Titans!
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